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Local Meetings: 1st Thursday of each month, 7pm @ 113 W Cota in Shelton, WA

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 "For God and country we associate ourselves together for the following purposes:  To create a charitable and non-profit veterans organization; to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; to assist and promote the welfare and well being of those who have served or are now serving in the Armed Forces of the United States and their widows, widowers and orphans; to participate in all memorial services for and to be present at the funerals of departed comrades; to take part in and encourage others to participate in the proper observance of all days honoring veterans; to preserve the memories of our Service in the Armed Forces of our Country; to actively participate within our membership in projects relating to (a) the welfare of the children of America; (b) the health of our Nation by fostering a nurses training program; and (c) selected charitable endeavors."

Charles W. Ardery Memorial Child Welfare Trust Fund
The primary function of the Charles W. Ardery Trust Fund is to provide reimbursements of funds expended by a Voiture Locale or a Grande Voiture in meeting the emergent needs of children 17 years of age or younger.  Emergent is defined as: A situation which has developed of a serious nature demanding prompt attention."  This situation may arise out of natural disasters, i.e., floods, tornadoes, hurricane, fire, etc.  Emergent cases are given prime consideration and are undertaken by the Local Voiture where established agencies, (Red Cross, churches, welfare, etc.), are unable to move rapidly or cannot act at all.  However, this aid is not intended to replace or supplement that assistance which may be available through established agencies.
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Nurses Training

In 1941 we began issuing Nurses Scholarships to deserving individuals willing to undergo formal training and make a career of that very noble profession. More info/forms

(VAVS) Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service
The Forty & Eight, as are most Veterans Organizations, is an active member and participant in the VAVS program.  As part of this program, Voyageurs (called Representatives or Deputy Representatives) represent the Forty and Eight by regularly attending the VAVS Committee meetings at their Local Veteran Administration Medical Centers (VAMC’s). They as well as other Voyageur Volunteers visit the VAMC’s on a regular basis, where they give comfort and assistance to, or just visit with, the hospitalized veterans. VAVS Volunteers are a priceless asset to the Nation’s Veterans and to the Department of Veterans Affairs.  
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The Forty & Eight has adopted an additional program for these veterans, called "Keep Those Wheelchairs Rolling."  Under this program, the VAVS Representative (or Deputy Representative) writes a brief letter outlining a "need" of the patients.  These "needs" may cover a project, equipment or comfort and convenience items needed by the hospitalized veterans.  The entries are then judged on the need and benefit to the patients, and those selected receive the item(s) requested, courtesy of the National Box Car Association.


The Youth Sports Program was established in 1994.  Through this program, the 40/8 provides financial assistance in the form of grants to individual athletes or teams who lack the funds required to attend and participate in amateur sports programs.  This program encompasses all amateur sports programs for all youths from 7 to 20 years of age.  Click Here to read or print the Working Rules of the Youth Sports Committee. More info/Forms