Veterans Benefits Information

for Mason County, WA

Help with Veterans Choice Program Billing Issues: 1-877-881-7618*

* If you received a bill from a Choice Program provider, contact the VC first to determine if VA is liable for the cost of the care: 1-866-606-8198

Telephone Care Program (TCP)

Monday - Friday , 8am-4pm

VA Puget Sound Health Care System has Nurses to help answer health questions.

American Lake: 800-581-8308

- health issues

Seattle: 1-800-329-8387

-health issues, Medication/Refill issues, Social or financial issues, Nutritional issues, Eligibility, Scheduling.


Supportive Services for Veteran Families

1-253-593-2920 or

Health, Employment, Education, Housing, etc.


VA Homefront: 1-877-424-3838

Main Phone Number: 1-800-329-8387

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